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Ancestors of Eugene Vernon Maas

Ancestors of Norma Lou Harrington

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Bibliography - Literature cited and other reference materials and sources

In Memory Of - Walter William Frank Maas, my father, who inspired my interest in discovering our roots and preserving our family history for future generations.

Genealogical Research

Cemeteries and Gravestones Some obituaries, death certificates and a few German birth records also can be accessed on these pages.

Census Records Federal and State censuses documenting our family ancestors.

Genealogical Web Sites - Links to interesting and useful genealogical sites



Voyages to America

SS Allemannia - The steamship that the Heinrich and Johanna Lüdtke family traveled aboard to America.

SS Elbe - George Just traveled from Bremen to New York aboard this Norddeutscher Lloyd steamship in 1884. Description and photo.

SS Havel - Christoph and Barbara Just and their son Friedrich sailed from Bremen aboard the SS Havel and arrived in New York on April 4, 1895. Description and photo.

SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse - The steamship that the Peter and Christina Meidinger family boarded in Bremen, Germany on March 15, 1903 for their trip to New York. Description and photo.

SS Kätie - William and Marie Rieck and their 7-month-old daughter, Hermine, boarded this Stettiner Lloyd steamship in Stettin, Germany for their voyage to New York in April 1882.

SS Oldenburg - The steamship that the Julius and Emilie Maass family traveled aboard to America. Description and photo.

SS Polynesia - Christian and Caroline Rieck together with his three children and two of her children by a former marriage sailed from Hamburg to America aboard this steamship arriving in New York on June 22, 1883. Description and photo.

SS Rhaetia - The steamship that the Carl and Wilhelmine Maass family traveled aboard to America. Description and photo.

SS Werra - The Ludwig and Catharina Rudolf family sailed from Bremen to New York aboard this 2-year-old steamship during October 1884. Description and photo.

Trip Reports


Pomerania -A brief description and history of the country in which our Maass ancestors lived before immigrating to the United States. Maps of the area showing the villages they came from and some photographs of the villages are listed below.

Histories of our ancestor's Pomeranian villages

Photographs of our ancestor's Pomeranian villages

Photographs of Other Pomeranian villages

Family Roots

Beardsley Family History - Descendants of William Beardsley who was born in 1605 and emigrated from Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England to Massachusetts in 1635.

Blackwelder Family Tree - Descendants of Jakob Schwarzwalder who was born in Germany in 1594. The name was changed to Blackwelder when they immigrated to North Carolina in the 1700's.

Gaston Family Tree Descendants of Jean Gaston, a Huguenot, who was born about 1600 in France.

Harrington Family History The Harrington family tree begins with Hamilton "Hamp" W. Harrington who was born in either Missouri or Mississippi, possibly in 1821 or 1830.

Just Family History - The Just family roots have been traced back to 1772 when Michael Just was born in Markgroeningen, Württemberg, Germany.

Koehler Family History - The Koehler family roots have been traced back to Christian Friedrich Koehler who was born about 1819 in Pommern, Prussia.

Maas Biographies - Short biographies contributed by several Maas descendants of one of their ancestors or relatives.

Maas Family History - Our Maas family history begins with Pagel Maass who was born in the mid 1700's and lived in Lassehne, Kr. Köslin, Pommern, Germany.

Meidinger Family History - A brief history of the Meidinger family beginning about 1627 in Germany, their immigration to Russia in 1831, and later the immigration of the Peter Meidinger family to the United States and their life in North Dakota.

Rieck Family History - The earliest Rieck family ancestor is Michel Rieck who was probably born between 1800 and 1815 in Germany. The Rieck family lived in Hohenselchow, Kreis

Partlow Family Tree - Descendants of John Partlow who was born about 1735-1740 in Scotland, immigrated to America and died about 1797 in Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada.

Rudolf Family Tree - Descendants of Johann Daniel Rudolph who was born July 25, 1777 in Adersbach, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany.

Schulz Family History - Information about the descendants of Carl, Kreis Randow, Pommern, Germany in the 1800's.

Vanderburg Family History - The lineage of Francis Vanderburg who was born in 1750 in Germany and died January 03, 1815 in Cabarrus Co., North Carolina.

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