Hohen Schönau, Kr. Naugard, Pomerania
(Jenikowo, Poland)

The village where David and Friederike Maass lived and raised their family after about 1856. In 1939, this village had about 357 inhabitants.

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(photos taken in April 2007)


A 1920 postcard from Hohenschönau showing the church, parsonage and WWI memorial (courtesy of Wolfgang Braatz)
Entering Hohen Schönau (Sept 2003)


Church in Hohen Schönau
Church in Hohen Schönau
Church in Hohen Schönau

Many members of the Maass family were baptized, confirmed, and married in the Evangelical Church in Hohen Schönau. However, it appears that only the bell tower remains from their time, the current brick sanctuary was built in the 1890's. David, Friederike and several of their grandchildren died in Hohen Schönau and would have been buried in the church cemetery which has since been obliterated.

View of the Church from the back
Church parsonage


A 19th century house, from the street
A 19th century house, from the side


A barn from the same vintage that stands across the yard from the house.

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