Union or Partlow Cemetery

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Union Cemetery is located west of Grand Ledge on Benton Road in Oneida Township just north of Hwy. 43.
The Eaton County Genealogical Society website states that the oldest tombstone found was for James Parmeter who died in 1853. All earlier burial information has been lost.
The cemetery property was originally part of the Partlow farm.
(cemetery photo by Marlaina Taylor)
Partlow family plot  
Almond Partlow  
Ephraim M. and Annie (Sessions) Partlow  
Johnathan Partlow  
Levi P. and Mary J. (Blasier) Partlow
Infant son
Parmie L. Partlow
Death Certificate (Levi)
Mary L. Partlow  
Palmer and Eliza (Sanders) Partlow
Johnathan Partlow
Semantha (Partlow) Davenport

(the gravestone photos are compliments of Cindy Cheesmond/Bowers, 2007)

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